Strange Combinations

Not everything comes in a see-through package. Opacity in all forms has become a prominent characteristic of contemporary living.

This fact makes the realization that certain combinations of circumstance—occurring in relative isolation—influence our daily lives all the more interesting.

Try for a moment to conceptualize the vastness and complexity of motion on Earth.

It’s impossible to do so, yet every bit of motion exerts a fraction of an influence upon our bodies. Whenever I grow too arrogant and assertive, I humble myself with the realization that I am—in part—at the mercy of a massive conglomerate far too large for my mind to grasp.

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All About Music

Music is one of the most important aspects of my life, and I never cease to be amazed by the reaction it inspires in others. The musical experience is—at a fundamental level—designed to be shared.

Lines between audiences and performers blur into one synergistic organism.

Without this symbiosis, music would be far less of a boon to our culture. Through my experiences and endeavors surrounding this art form, I continually explore the reciprocity associated with song.

I suppose the driving force behind it all is the hope that I will someday discover a common thread to unravel the tangled world we know at present.

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Finding My Place

“Everyone needs a place to call their own”

Is it true? Do we need to settle down and resign ourselves to a particular plot of land for the rest of our lives?

As a soon-to-be-graduating college senior, I find myself balking at the many paths I may choose to follow. Life no doubt would take different forms based upon the geographic finality to which I commit, but I choose to remain optimistic about the often-gripeworthy ball and chain.

Why can’t I build a hub and spoke model in my own life?

After all, I have done it many times in business and collegiate contexts. Take it from me, extraneous pursuits are best approached from a home base, and I intend to build a solid foundation over the coming years from which I may explore.

What do you consider, as you begin to shape your own path?


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Perception VS Depth

What you see isn’t always all there is.

The perfect physical manifestation of this concept is an iceberg.

Only the tip sticks out above water, through the majority of the ice—and the bulk responsible for its buoyancy—remains unseen. Consider this concept when new faces enter your life.

The advantage of actively pursuing the role of a lifelong student is SPACE.

Rather, the patience to fully grasp a situation or a personality—avoiding snap judgments and poorly founded ideas—will serve you well.

What examples do you have from your own life?

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Introspective Nature

Nature has rejuvenating properties, and I often find myself enjoying quiet meditative walks in the State Botanical Gardens of Athens.

I wonder, what do other people consider to be—not relaxing—a recharge?

This will certainly prove to be an interesting conversation. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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